Install OSGeo-Live to Hard Disk

OSGeo-Live can be installed onto your hard disk, the same way an Ubuntu distribution is installed.

This process can also be run inside a Virtual Machine to create a permanent OSGeo-Live Virtual Machine from a DVD or ISO image.

System Requirements

  • 20 GB of spare Hard Disk Space

Install OSGeo-Live


Select Install RELEASE


Enter password=”user”


Select language


Select timezone


Select keyboard

Specify which disk to want to install on. (Beware, this may delete an existing

installed partition).


Defaults for settings are:

  • Name = “user”
  • username = “user”
  • password = “user”
  • computer name = “osgeolive”
  • Log In automatically

Select Install

Go and get a cup of coffee while installation is in progress.

That is it.


Installation Tips In case you are installing using a username other than “user”, tomcat applications require to have permission to service command as described in