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deegree Quickstart

deegree is open source software for spatial data infrastructures and the geospatial web. deegree is a Java application for serving maps (and vector data) for other clients to show.

Available components are:

  • Web-Services: WFS, WMS, WMTS, CSW, WPS

deegree 3 is the new generation of the deegree Java framework for GIS applications and OGC-service implementations. It can be used to build web-based geospatial-data-infrastructures (GDI).

Start deegree 3 webservices

Choose ‘Start deegree’ from the Geospatial ‣ Web Services ‣ deegree menu. The application will take a few moments to start up.

Firefox opens the deegree 3 services console. (You can also open this manually by pointing your browser to http://localhost:8033). This is a simple web-based GUI for editing the configuration files of the deegree workspace.

Load a workspace

deegree 3 uses configurations conformant to all deegree 3 based webservices. Those configurations are stored in the workspace.

  1. To manage the included and ready-to-use workspaces, click ‘workspaces’ on the left side. You are now in the workspace management of the running deegree instance. You can see which workspace is currently active (only one can be active at a time) workspace, inactive locally available workspaces and offical workspaces which can be imported if you have a internet connection.
  2. Press start on the deegree-inspire-workspace.

This workspace includes an example configuration for INSPIRE View- and Download-Services. It consists of a transactional WFS (2.0.0 and 1.1.0) for all Annex I Data Themes and a WMS (1.3.0 and 1.1.1) which serves three layers of those Annex I Data Themes. Included are some harmonized dutch administrative units, cadastral parcels and addresses. The WFS in this example acts as an INSPIRE Download service (direct access) and outputs valid, harmonized INSPIRE GML. Additionally it supports multiple request types and queries.


This workspace loads harmonized INSPIRE GML from local files. This can easily changed to PostGIS, Oracle Spatial or Microsoft SQL Server as backend.

View a map

  1. Click on ‘see layers’ to open a simple map-client. The service is configured to visualize the data and a basemap (rendered by OpenStreetMap).
  2. Click on the + on the right side to open a layer tree showing all available layers. You can activate the INSPIRE layer served by the deegree WMS here.


The map client is based on OpenLayers. You can pan through the map holding the left mouse button and drag the map. Zooming is possible via mouse wheel or the navigation elements on the left side.

More information and step-by-step tutorials about the INSPIRE workspace can be found in the deegree documentation.

What next?

This was just a short introduction to the features of deegree 3. There is more information in the demo installations and on the deegree website.