deegree 2.2

What is deegree?

deegree is a comprehensive Java-based framework published under an open source license (LGPL). It is based on the idea of integrating spatial standards as provided by the ISO/TC211 (19xxx series of standards) and the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). Members of the deegree community are heavily involved in the open standardisation process and contribute to specifications like WFS, SLD, WMS, WPS and others. deegree targets two major user groups: end users and software developers

deegree for end users

The end user usually runs a deegree based spatial server component for sharing spatial data through standardised interfaces (e.g. Web Feature Services, Web Coverage Services, Sensor Observation Services, etc.). Those can easily be integrated with file based spatial data from ESRI shape files, GML data sources and various database backends (PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Oracle, MS SQL Server, etc.). To visualise those data, deegree provides web-based portal components (iGeoPortal) with sophisticated user management interfaces, service monitoring and metadata facilities. It realises the idea of a web based GIS in a user-friendly yet powerful way.

deegree for software developers

For software developers, deegree provides a comprehensive geospatial library for spatial data processing, service setup and all kinds of spatial data handling. An easy-to-use and well documented Application Programming Interface (API) allows customisation of services, integration of new data sources, processing of data and time series, and much more. It has been widely used for research-and-development projects worldwide and is backed by a huge and active user community. The deegree project maintains mailing lists for software developers and users, is discussed during an annual user-conference and provides facilities to share ideas and documentation through a publicly accessible wiki.

Running deegree

To run deegree on the LiveDVD, click on the desktop icon "start deegree". Wait a few seconds and a browser will pop up pointing to the deegree welcome page (http://localhost:8081/), from where you can access the main deegree services and the client application as well as the relevant documentation.

To stop deegree, please use the desktop icon "stop deegree". This will only shut down the applications (WMS, WFS, WCS, iGeoPortal). It will not close the firefox tab. If you want to use the deegree applications in firefox again, please hit "start deegree". Please allow some seconds for the application to load.