Quantum GIS


Quantum GIS(QGIS) is a cross platform user friendly visualization and analysis tool for geospatial data.


To run Quantum GIS(QGIS) on the Live DVD, click on the QGIS link on the desktop.

Loading Data

QGIS can load many common vector, raster and database formats. Start with File menu to browse for data. Various datasets are available. Many of them are located in /usr/local/share. Under various different application names. You can also search the system for shapefiles.

Example Projects

Several example projects have been loaded. The files, with .qgs extension can be found in /usr/local/share/qgis/


QGIS is easily extendable with C++ or Python plugins, many plugins have been included in the demo and are simply turned off by default. They are listed under the Plugin menu -> Manage Plugins options. Additional plugins can be downloaded from the web using the Fetch Python Plugins option. For descriptions a help on common plugins see the QGIS Manual.

Getting Started

Further reading