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52°North WPS Quickstart


  • To run 52°North WPS on the Live DVD, go to Geospatial ‣ Web Services ‣ 52North ‣ Start 52North WPS to start the 52°North WPS or use this direct link. (If the service is not reachable, try to start the Tomcat servlet engine following the steps at the bottom of the SOS quickstart page.)
  • The 52n WPS welcome page will appear.
  • Click on the link to open the 52nWPS-TestClient.
  • Make sure that you have started GeoServer since the demonstrations require data from the local GeoServer installation.
  • Push the Send-Button and the request will be transmitted to the 52°North WPS which will generate a xml-representation for a buffer around the major roads of Tasmania with a width of 0.05 degrees.
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