OSGeo-Live Internationalisation Quickstart

Switching Language

Many common languages are included on OSGeo-Live. To switch languages:

  1. Log out
  2. Select another language from the bottom panel menu.
  3. Select user=”user”, password=”user”
  4. Repeat the process if wish to change languages again.
login screen

The system menus and many of the applications will now appear in the language chosen. If a specific program continues to display in English, then the program doesn’t have a translation available - please consider volunteering to write a translation. Contact the program of interest directly for more information.

For additional languages see Applications ‣ System ‣ Language Support (Requires an internet connection).

Keyboard Support

International keyboard support is installed, but you will need to configure the system for your specific keyboard. To change settings open Applications ‣ Settings ‣ Settings Manager in the menu and double-click on Keyboard in the following dialog. Your password will be requested to allow configuration update, type “user” for the current user “user”.

  1. Choose Layout tab in the Keyboard dialog
  2. Disable the option Use system defaults
  3. Click on button Add to add an additional layout
  4. Choose the preferred layout and
  5. Select it in the Keyboard dialog
  6. Go back to the main settings page (Overview)
  7. Close the Settings Dialog and log out to apply
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