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pgRouting extends the PostGIS/PostgreSQL geospatial database to provide geospatial routing functionality.

Advantages of the database routing approach are:

  • Data and attributes can be modified by many clients, like Quantum GIS and uDig through JDBC, ODBC, or directly using Pl/pgSQL. The clients can either be PCs or mobile devices.
  • Data changes can be reflected instantaneously through the routing engine. There is no need for precalculation.
  • The “cost” parameter can be dynamically calculated through SQL and its value can come from multiple fields or tables.
pgRouting query in pgAdminIII

Core Features

pgRouting provides functions for:

  • Shortest Path Dikstra: routing algorithm without heuristics
  • Shortest Path A-Star: routing for large datasets (with heuristics)
  • Shortest Path Shooting-Star: routing with turn restrictions (with heuristics)
  • Traveling Salesperson Problem (TSP)
  • Driving Distance calculation (Isolines)



Licence: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2

Software Version: 1.05

Supported Platforms: Linux, Windows, Mac

API Interfaces: SQL

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