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GPS Track-Editing

Prune is a tool for viewing, editing and converting coordinate data from GPS systems. It uses OpenStreetMap imagery to show recorded tracks and waypoints, and provides a variety of tools to let you edit, crop and prune the data points. It also has functions for correlating photos to the coordinates using the photo timestamps.

Prune uses Gpsbabel, if available, to read data directly from a GPS receiver, and can send the edited data back to the receiver too.

Prune runs on Mac OSX, Windows and Linux, and is available in over ten different languages.

Core Features

  • Load data from text files, gpx files, kml/kmz files, or directly from a GPS receiver
  • Zoomable map imagery from OpenStreetMap or any compatible server (OpenCycleMap, CloudMade etc)
  • Altitude or speed profile view
  • Editing tools for deleting, reversing and compressing tracks
  • Interactive 3d view of the data, or export to POV format for 3D rendering
  • Save data to text files, gpx files, kml/kmz files, or directly to a GPS receiver
  • Automatic correlation of photographs and audio files with the loaded data using timestamps
  • Creation of charts such as altitude against distance, speed against time



Licence: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2

Software Version: 12

Supported Platforms: GNU/Linux, Mac OSX, Windows

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