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osgEarth Quickstart

osgEarth is a scalable terrain rendering toolkit for OpenSceneGraph.

This Quick Start describes how to start a 3D globe with different overlays.

Running osgearth_viewer

  • Open a console and start the osgearth viewer:

    export OSG_FILE_PATH=/usr/share/osgearth
    osgearth_viewer --window 50 50 900 700 /usr/share/osgearth/maps/

You should see a globe with satellite imagery.

  • Click to navigate; right-click or scroll wheel to zoom in and out.
  • Drag mouse with left+right click for tilt.
  • Press ‘h’ for help.
  • hit the ‘escape’ key to quit

Running osgviewer with an OpenStreetMap overlay

  • In a console, type:

    osgviewer /usr/share/osgearth/maps/
  • Press ‘h’ for help. See also for more help.

What Next?

To learn more about osgEarth, a starting point is the Documentation page in the Wiki.

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