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Ossim Quickstart

Open Source Software Image Map (OOSIM) is a high performance engine for remote sensing, image processing, geographical information system and photogrammetry.

This Quick Start describes how to:

  • View raster images with imagelinker
  • Run ossimPlanet


  • Start Imagelinker from its icon from the directory “Spatial Tools” on the desktop

  • Select the project file, using File ‣ Open Project ‣ /home/user/ossim/landsatrgb.prj

  • Go to the menu bar ‣ window ‣ tile

  • Select an image window ‣ select the pan icon ‣ click on the image ‣ press the button “propagate”

  • Verify you see a 3 gray satelite images.


For the full tutorial see this blog article.


  • Start OssimPlanet from its icon from the directory “Desktop-GIS” on the desktop
  • Select File ‣ Open Image ‣ /home/user/data/raster/band1.tiff
  • Go on the legend tree ‣ Image Layers ‣ open the trees ‣ double-click on the band1 image, you should see the scene zoom to the image’s location
  • Navigate the scene.


To turn off the daylight auto-shading, un-check File ‣ Preferences ‣ Environment ‣ Enable Ephemeris

What Next?

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  • Documentation on DVD

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