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SpatiaLite Quickstart

SpatiaLite is an SQLite database engine with spatial functions added.

This Quick Start describes how to open a database with the command line and the GUI application.

Running spatialite

  • Open a console and open a sample database with spatialite:

    spatialite /home/user/data/spatialite/regions.sqlite
    select r.NOME_REG, a.Nome from Aeroporti a, reg2008_s r where CONTAINS( r.Geometry, a.Geometry ) order by r.NOME_REG;

Create a new database with spatialite-gui

  • Start spatialite-gui
  • Select File ‣ Creating a new SQLite DB

Running spatialite-gis

  • Run spatialite-gis
  • Connect to /home/user/data/spatialite/regions.sqlite

You should see a set of Airports in Italy

Things to Try

Here are some additional challenges for you to try:

  • Inspect geometries with spatialite-gui
  • Open and edit SpatiaLite layers in QGIS

What Next?

To learn more about SpatiaLite, a starting point is the Documentation and tutorials page.

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