OSGeo-Live Sponsors


The Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) provides the primary development & hosting infrastructure and personnel for the project, and for many of the software teams which contribute to it.


LISAsoft provides sustaining resources and staff toward the management and packaging of software onto the OSGeo-Live DVD.

Information Center for the Environment at the University of California, Davis

Information Center for the Environment at the University of California, Davis provides hardware resources and development support to the OSGeo-Live project.

National Technical University of Athens

Remote Sensing Laboratory at the National Technical University of Athens, provides hardware resources and development support to the OSGeo-Live project.

The DebianGIS and UbuntuGIS projects

The DebianGIS and UbuntuGIS projects provide and quality-assure many of the core packages.

The Australian Government's Office of Spatial Data Management

The Australian Government’s Office of Spatial Data Management sponsored LISAsoft’s review of Application Overviews, to achieve consistent, quality project write ups.

The Greek Academic cloud service

Okeanos is the Greek Academic cloud service (IaaS) which is providing virtualized computing resources free of charge to the Greek Universities and public Research Centres. Okeanos is build on top of existing proven open source software (e.g. Synnefo, Google Ganeti). Okeanos is kindly providing Virtual Machines for building the OSGeoLive iso images.

The OSGeo Foundation

The Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo), is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to support and promote the collaborative development of open geospatial technologies and data. The foundation provides financial, organizational and legal support to the broader open source geospatial community. It serves as an independent legal entity to which community members can contribute code, funding and other resources, secure in the knowledge that their contributions will be maintained for public benefit. OSGeo also serves as an outreach and advocacy organization for the open source geospatial community, and provides a common forum and shared infrastructure for improving cross-project collaboration.

The foundation’s projects are all freely available and useable under an
OSI-certified open source license.

This Live GIS disc and virtual-machine has been put together by members of the OSGeo community to showcase their favourite Free and Open Source (FOSS) geospatial software. We’ve included a number of non-OSGeo software packages, GIS focused and otherwise, which we hope you will find to be as useful as we do. The OSGeo Foundation does not recommend or guarantee any associated software, projects, or companies found within.

These programs are distributed in the hope that they will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

OSGeo Supporting Sponsors

Ordnance Survey

OSGeo Associate Sponsors

First Base Solutions Astun Technology GeoCat LizardTech 2ndQuadrant Karttakeskus BOREALIS Camptocamp IGN

For more information

To sponsor OSGeo or discuss sponsorship opportunities further, please contact:

The Open Source Geospatial Foundation
Email: info at osgeo.org


Name Email Country Osgeo_id
Activity Workshop mail activityworkshop net Switzerland activityworkshop
Alan Boudreault aboudreault mapgears.com Canada aboudreault
Alex Mandel tech wildintellect com USA wildintellect
Alexandre Dube adube mapgears.com Canada adube
Amy Gao amy spatialfront com China amygao
Andrea Antonello andrea.antonello gmail com Italy moovida
Angelos Tzotsos tzotsos gmail com Greece kalxas
Anton Patrushev anton.patrushev gmail com Japan anton
Antonio Santiago asantiagop gmail com Spain asantiago
Argyros Argyridis arargyridis gmail com Greece arargyridis
Ariel Núñez ingenieroariel gmail com Colombia ingenieroariel
Astrid Emde astrid.emde wheregroup com Germany astrid_emde
Balasubramaniam Natarajan bala150985 gmail com India bullet
Barry Rowlingson b.rowlingson gmail com UK barryrowlingson
Benjamin Pross b.pross 52north org Germany spross
Brian Hamlin maplabs Light42 com USA darkblue_b
Bruno Binet bruno.binet camptocamp com France bbinet
Bu Kun bukun osgeo.cn China bukun
Cameron Shorter Cameron.Shorter lisasoft com Australia camerons
Dane Springmeyer dane dbsgeo com USA springmeyer
Daniel Kastl daniel.kastl georepublic de Japan dkastl
Danilo Bretschneider bretschneider geospatialinformation org Germany bretschneider
Dimitar Misev d.misev jacobs-university de Germany misev
Edgar Soldin edgar.soldin web de Germany edso
Eike Hinderk Jürrens e.h.juerrens 52north org Germany ehjuerrens
Eric Lemoine eric.lemoine camptocamp com France erilem
Erika Pillu erika pillu gmail com France erikapillu
Etienne Dube etdube gmail com Canada etdube
Fabian Schindler fabian.schindler eox at fschindler  
Fran Boon fran aidiq com UK flavour
Frank Gasdorf fgdrf users.sourceforge.net Germany fgdrf
Frank Warmerdam warmerdam pobox.com USA warmerdam
François Prunayre fx prunayre gmail com France fxp
Friedjoff Trautwein friedjoff.trautwein geops de Germany friedjoff
Gavin Treadgold gav rediguana co nz New Zealand rediguana
Grald Fenoy gerald.fenoy geolabs fr France djay
Guy Griffiths guy griffiths rdg ac uk UK guygriffiths
Hamish Bowman hamish_b yahoo com New Zealand hamish
Haruyuki Seki hal georepublic co jp Japan halsk
Henry Addo henry ushahidi com Ghana eyedol
Hernan Olivera lholivera gmail com Argentina hernanolivera
Howard Butler hobu gmail com USA hobu
Ian Edwards ian edwards metoffice gov uk UK ian
Ian Turton ijturton gmail com UK ianturton
Jackie Ng jumpinjackie gmail com Australia jng
Jan Drewnak j.drewnak 52north com Germany drewnak
Jane Lewis j p lewis rdg ac uk ?  
Javier Rodrigo jrodrigo scolab es Spain jrodrigo
Jim Klassen klassen.js gmail com USA jimk
Jinsongdi Yu j.yu jacobs-university de Germany rasdaman
Alan Beccati a.beccati jacobs-university de Germany rasdaman
Jody Garnett jgarnett gmail com Australia jive
Johan Van de Wauw johan vandewauw gmail.com Belgium johanvdw
John Bryant johnwbryant gmail com Australia jbryant
Jorge Sanz jsanz gvsig com Spain jsanz
José Vicente Higón jvhigon gvsig com Spain jvhigon
Judit Mays mays lat-lon de Germany jmays
Klokan Petr Pridal klokan klokan cz Switzerland klokan
Kristof Lange kristof.lange uni-muenster de Germany kristoflange
Lance McKee lmckee opengeospatial org USA ?
Larry Shaffer larrys dakotacarto com USA larrysh
Luca Delucchi lucadeluge gmail com Italy lucadelu
Mage Whopper magewhopper gmail com Japan Magepa
Marc-André Barbeau mbarbeau mapgears com Canada mbarbeau
Manuel Grizonnet manuel.grizonnet cnes fr France manuelgrizonnet
Margherita Di Leo dileomargherita gmail com Italy madi
Mark Leslie mark leslie lisasoft com Australia mleslie
Massimo Di Stefano massimodisasha yahoo it Italy epifanio
Micha Silver micha arava co il Israel micha
Michael Owonibi m.owonibi jacobs-university de Germany mowonibi
Michaël Michaud michael michaud free fr France michaudm
Mike Adair madair dmsolutions ca Canada madair
Nathaniel V. Kelso nathaniel kelsocartography com USA ?
Ned Horning horning amnh org USA nedhorning
Oliver Tonnhofer olt omniscale de Germany olt
Patric Hafner patric.hafner geops de Germany phaf
Paul Meems p.meems topx-group nl The Netherlands pmeems
Pirmin Kalberer pka sourcepole com Switzerland pka
Regina Obe lr pcorp us USA robe
Ricardo Pinho rpinho_eng yahoo com br Portugal rpinho
Roald de Wit osgeo rdewit net Australia rdewit
Roberto Antolin rantolin geo gmail com Spain rantolin
Ruth Schoenbuchner ruth.schoenbuchner csgis.de Germany rscsgis
Scott Penrose scottp dd com au Australia scottp
Sergio Baños sbc saig es Spain sbcalvo
Sergey Popov sergobot256 gmail com Russia sergobot
Simon Cropper scropper botanicusaustralia com au Australia simoncropper
Simon Pigot simon.pigot csiro au Australia simonp
Stefan A. Tzeggai gp geopublishing org Germany alfonx
Stefan Hansen stefan.hansen lisasoft com Australia shansen
Stefan Steiniger sstein geo uzh ch Canada/Chile mentaer
Stephan Meissl stephan meissl name Austria schpidi
Steve Lime sdlime gmail com USA sdlime
Takayuki Nuimura nekogahora gmail com Japan nuimura
Thierry Badard tbadard spatialytics com Canada tbadard
Thomas Gratier thomas gratier gmail com France thomasg
Tom Kralidis tomkralidis hotmail com Canada tomkralidis
Trevor Wekel trevor_wekel otxsystems com Canada trevorwekel
Matthias Streulens matthias.streulens geomajas org Belgium streulma
Zoltan Siki siki agt bme hu Hungary Siki


Language i18n code Name Country Email Osgeo_id
Catalan ca Òscar Fonts Spain oscar.fonts gmail com oscarfonts
Catalan ca Raf Roset Spain rafroset gmail com  
Catalan ca Anna Muñoz Spain a.munyoz.b gmail com  
Catalan ca Cristhian Pin Spain cpinperez gmail com  
Catalan ca Marc Torres Spain geoinquiet gmail com  
Catalan ca Assumpció Termens Spain atermens gmail com  
Catalan ca Estela Llorente Spain estela.llorente gmail com  
Catalan ca Roger Veciana Spain rveciana gmail.com  
German de Astrid Emde Germany astrid emde wheregroup com astrid_emde
German de Daniel Kastl Germany daniel georepublic de  
German de Dominik Helle Germany helle omniscale de  
German de Frank Gasdorf Germany fgdrf users.sourceforge.net fgdrf
German de Lars Lingner Germany lars lingner eu gislars
German de Otto Dassau Germany dassau gbd-consult de dassau
German de Ruth Schoenbuchner Germany ruth schoenbuchner csgis de  
German de Thomas Baschetti Germany info thomas-baschetti de tbaschett
Greek el Angelos Tzotsos Greece tzotsos gmail com kalxas
Greek el Christos Iossifidis Greece chiossif gmail com chiossif
Greek el Argyros Argyridis Greece arargyridis gmail com Argy7
Greek el Aikaterini Kapsampeli Greece kapsamp mail ntua gr topometal
Greek el Maria Vakalopoulou Greece mariavak8 hotmail com mariavak
Spanish es Agustín Dí­ez Spain adiez uv es  
Spanish es David Mateos Spain porquewhich hotmail com  
Spanish es Hernan Olivera Argentina lholivera gmail com hernanolivera
Spanish es Javier Sánchez Spain jsgisdev gmail com jsanchez
Spanish es Jesús Gómez Spain je_gomez terra es  
Spanish es Jorge Arévalo Spain jorge.arevalo deimos-space com jorgear
Spanish es Jorge Sanz Spain jsanz osgeo org jsanz
Spanish es José Antonio Canalejo Germany jacanalejo yahoo es  
Spanish es Mauricio Miranda Argentina mmiranda xoomcode com  
Spanish es Mauricio Pazos Spain mauricio.pazos gmail com mpazos
Spanish es Òscar Fonts Spain oscar.fonts gmail com oscarfonts
Spanish es Pedro-Juan Ferrer Spain pferrer osgeo org pferrer
Spanish es Roberto Antolí­n Spain rantolin.geo gmail com  
Spanish es Samuel Mesa Colombia samuelmesa gmail com  
Spanish es Valenty González Venezuela vgonzalez gvsig com gvalenty
Spanish es Lucía Sanjaime Spain llusancal gmail com  
Spanish es Andrea Yanza Columbia andreavyanzah gmail com  
Spanish es Diego González Spain iberdiego gmail com  
Spanish es Nacho Varela Spain nachouve gmail com  
Spanish es Mario Andino Paraguay armra hotmail es  
French fr Thomas Gratier France thomas gratier gmail com thomasg
French fr Christophe Tufféry France c tuffery gmail com ctuffery
French fr Marc-André Barbeau Canada mbarbeau mapgears com mbarbeau
French fr Etienne Delay France etienne delay gmail com 8449
French fr Erika Pillu France erika pillu gmail com erikapillu
Indonesian id M Iqnaul Haq Siregar Indonesia iqnaulhaq gmail com iqna
Indonesian id Andry Rustanto Indonesia rustanto.id gmail com andry
Italian it Alessandro Furieri Italy a.furieri lqt it  
Italian it Antonio Falciano Italy    
Italian it Diego Migliavacca Italy diego.migliavacca gmail com diegom
Italian it Elena Mezzini Italy    
Italian it Giuseppe Calamita Italy    
Italian it Luca Delucchi Italy lucadeluge gmail com lucadelu
Italian it Marco Puppin Italy puppingeo gmail com  
Italian it Marco Curreli Italy marcocurreli tiscali it marcocur
Italian it Margherita Di Leo Italy dileomargherita gmail com madi
Italian it Massimo Di Stefano Italy massimodisasha gmail com  
Italian it Matteo De Stefano Italy   mdlux
Italian it Pasquale Di Donato Italy pasquale.didonato gmail com  
Italian it Roberta Fagandini Italy    
Japanese ja Haruyuki Seki Japan hal georepublic.co jp  
Japanese ja Nobusuke Iwasaki Japan wata909 gmail com  
Japanese ja Toshikazu Seto Japan tosseto gmail com  
Japanese ja Yoichi Kayama Japan yoichi.kayama gmail com  
Japanese ja Takayuki Nuimura Japan nekogahora gmail com nuimura
Japanese ja Hirofumi Hayashi Japan hayashi apptec co jp  
Japanese ja Ko Nagase Japan nagase georepublic co jp sanak
Korean kr Hyeyeong Choe Korea hychoe ucdavis.edu hychoe
Polish pl Milena Nowotarska Poland do.milenki gmail com milenan
Polish pl Damian Wojsław Poland damian wojslaw pl trochej
Russian ru Alexander Bruy Ukraine voltron ua.fm Voltron
Russian ru Alexander Muriy Russia amuriy gmail.com amuriy
Russian ru Alexey Ardyakov Russia ardjakov rambler.ru Ariki
Russian ru Andrey Syrokomskiy Ukraine signmotion gmail.com Andrey Syr
Russian ru Anton Novichikhin Russia novi-mail mail.ru novia
Russian ru Daria Svidzinska Ukraine d.svidzinska gmail.com darsvid
Russian ru Denis Rykov Russia rykovd gmail.com Denis Rykov
Russian ru Dmitry Baryshnikov Russia polimax mail.ru Bishop
Russian ru Evgeny Nikulin Russia nikulin.e gmail.com yellow-sky
Russian ru Ilya Filippov Russia filip83pov yandex.ru bolotoved
Russian ru Grigory Rozhentsov Russia grozhentsov gispro.ru grozhentso
Russian ru Maxim Dubinin Russia sim gis-lab.info Maxim Dubinin
Russian ru Nadiia Gorash UK Nadiia.gorash gmail.com Nadiia
Russian ru Pavel Russia pashtet51 gmail.com Pavel
Russian ru Sergey Grachev Russia ergo list.ru ergo
Russian ru Vera Russia vera probki.net Geo-U-Piter
Russian ru Alexander Kleshnin Russia a.hast mail ru HasT
Russian ru kuzkok Russia kuzkok gmail.com kuzkok
Chinese zh Bu Kun China bukun osgeo.cn bukun
Chinese zh Xianfeng Song China song.osgeo gmail com  
Chinese zh Jing Wang China wangjing-2008-jing 163 com  
Chinese zh Zhengfan Lin China public t lin gmail com tanner
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