OSGeo-Live 11.0 Contents

Desktop GIS

General GIS viewing, editing, and analysis on the desktop:

OSGeo Project QGIS - [QuickStart]

OSGeo Project GRASS GIS - [QuickStart]

OSGeo Project gvSIG Desktop - [QuickStart]

nologo User-friendly Desktop Internet GIS (uDig) - [QuickStart]

nologo OpenJUMP GIS - [QuickStart]

nologo SAGA - [QuickStart]

Browser Facing GIS

General GIS viewing, editing and analysis in the browser:

OSGeo Project OpenLayers - [QuickStart] - Browser Mapping Library

nologo Leaflet - [QuickStart] - Mobile Friendly Interactive Maps

nologo Cesium - [QuickStart] - 3D globes and 2D maps in a browser

OSGeo Project Geomajas - [QuickStart] - Browser GIS Client

OSGeo Project Mapbender - [QuickStart] - Geoportal Framework

OSGeo Project GeoMoose - [QuickStart] - Web GIS Portal

OSGeo Project GeoNode - [QuickStart] - Geospatial Content Management System

Web Services

Publishing spatial data to the internet:

OSGeo Project GeoServer - [QuickStart] - OGC Web Services

OSGeo Project MapServer - [QuickStart] - OGC Web Services

OSGeo Project deegree - [QuickStart] - OGC Web Services

nologo ncWMS - [QuickStart] - Web Map Service

nologo EOxServer - [QuickStart] - Web Coverage Service

OSGeo Project GeoNetwork - [QuickStart] - Metadata Catalogue

OSGeo Project pycsw - [QuickStart] - Metadata Catalogue

OSGeo Community MapProxy - [QuickStart] - Proxy WMS & tile services

nologo QGIS Server - [QuickStart] - Web Map Service

OSGeo Community istSOS - [QuickStart] - Sensor Observation Service

nologo 52°North SOS - [QuickStart] - Sensor Observation Service

nologo 52°North WPS - [QuickStart] - Web Processing Service

OSGeo Community ZOO-Project - [QuickStart] - Web Processing Service

Data Stores

Storing spatial data:

OSGeo Project PostGIS - [QuickStart] - Spatial Database

nologo SpatiaLite - [QuickStart] - Lightweight Database

OSGeo Project Rasdaman - [QuickStart] - Multi-Dimensional Raster Database

OSGeo Community pgRouting - [QuickStart] - Routing for PostGIS

Spatial Tools

Specific analysis tools:

nologo GMT - [QuickStart] - Cartographic Rendering

OSGeo Project OTB - [QuickStart] - Image Processing

nologo R for Spatial Data - [QuickStart] - Statistical Programming

nologo Mapnik - [QuickStart] - Cartographic Rendering

nologo MapSlicer - [QuickStart] - Create Map Tiles

OSGeo Project OSSIM - [Quickstart] - Image Processing

Domain Specific GIS

Applications targeted at a specific domain:

nologo zyGrib - [QuickStart] - Weather Forecast Maps


Spatial data sets:

nologo Natural Earth - Global Data Sets

nologo OSGeo North Carolina, USA Educational dataset

nologo OpenStreetMap (OSM) - Sample extract from OpenStreetMap

nologo NetCDF Data Set - Time series temperature and precipitation

Geospatial Libraries

OSGeo Project GDAL/OGR - [QuickStart] - Geospatial Data Translation Tools

OSGeo Project GeoTools - Java GIS Toolkit

OSGeo Project GEOS - C/C++ Spatial Library

OSGeo Community Proj.4 - [QuickStart] - Coordinate Reference System Transformations

nologo libLAS - [QuickStart] - LiDAR Data Access

nologo JTS Topology Suite (JTS) - Java Topology Suite

Available in prior OSGeo-Live releases