OSGeo-Live 10.0 Project Metrics

Metrics provided by OpenHUB which are derived from the projects’ code repositories. Note these metrics have known deficiencies (such as caused by repositories moving), and only provide partial indications about the projects’ development. Lack of change in smaller, concise packages and libraries may simply reflect a level of maturity and completeness.

Viewing the metrics requires an Internet connection and Javascript to be enabled.

Desktop GIS

General GIS viewing, editing, and analysis on the desktop:


Browser Facing GIS

General GIS viewing, editing and analysis in the browser:


Web Services

Publishing spatial data to the internet:


Data Stores

Storing spatial data:

OpenStreetMap tools


Spatial Tools

Specific analysis tools:


Domain Specific GIS

Applications targeted at a specific domain:


Geospatial Libraries

Coordinate Reference System Libraries


  • Proj4js (JavaScript) - used in OpenLayers.
  • CS-Map (C++) - used in MapGuide.
  • GeoTIFF/libgeotiff (C++).
  • Proj4J (Java).

Other software of interest (not available Live)